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Remolacha Hacklab

Living logo

An innovative visual identity for an experimental laboratory. A workspace where digital and analogue are combined.

Coinciding with the inauguration of “La Remolacha HackLab”, a learning and collaborative space based in Zaragoza Activa, its corporate identity was presented on April 20th. It is a singular project, based on the cultivation of a beet whose evolution is monitored and serves to give life to a digital form that constantly changes depending on plant growth and a series of citizen interactions.

Its operation can be seen in the laboratory or via internet in real time. In a large panel, there is a live beet inside an urn, to which we are constantly measuring its temperature, soil moisture and air humidity. Next to the urn, there are four push-buttons to interact with the plant, we can give water, food, light or music to take care of it. To the right of the urn, you can see a horizontal cut of the plant, a mutant ring that changes shape, texture, size and color according to the measurement of these three parameters and the activation of these four interactions. The graphics reflect the actual state of the plant (for example, it grows immediately when it gets food) and anyone can participate in its care manipulating these pushbuttons. It is intended that the beets state is a measure of citizen participation in the space, monitorable through its digital reflection available via web. An innovative «human» sensor.

To develop all the static applications of the identity has been created a «ring exporter», with which we can obtain a file in vector format. These files serve to create different logos and to generate graphic resources that reinforce the identity.
It incorporates the slogan «Thinking in Infinity», which reinforces the idea of the project, not put limits and think that everything is possible. It is also associated with the fractal form of the symbol.

This identity is the zero project of “La Remolacha HackLab” and has the peculiarity of bringing together in its creation and implementation the philosophy and objectives of this new space of citizen work. The four parts in which “Remolacha HackLab” is divided are also present in its identity: garden, crafts, robotics and microfabrication (maker), besides being a reflection of what happens in the space, if the HackLab is alive and full of people, is will be reflected in the logo, due to these people will take care of it.

As it is said in the blog of Zaragoza Activa, “La Remolacha” is creativity, education by competitions, open learnings and critical thinking. All this has been reflected and synthesized in a mutable identity, based on the care of a living being and ending in a digital representation of physical and tangible actions.


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27 abril, 2017

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